Thursday, April 26, 2012

Circlet Retreat 2012: The Arrival

I have arrived in the USA! Well, actually I've been here for about eight hours, but now I'm safely tucked away in my motel. One more sleep before the Circlet Press Editors and Writers Retreat!

I'm exhausted. Ten hours on the road is just stupid. But I figured I'd get a head start on tomorrow's newsletter, and read the copy of  Newsweek I picked up on the way. You know, the one where Katie Roiphe talks about how working woman clearly just want to be submissive. Because, you know, Fifty Shades of Grey.

I'll be honest, I only managed to read the first hundred pages of it, but I wasn't that impressed. I'm happy that an erotic series is wildly popular, but I hope that it leads people to read other, perhaps better, erotic literature. *crosses fingers* I'm also hoping we talk about this phenomenon this weekend. I want to hear what my fellow smutsters think about it, and if they think it will do our industry some good.

Has anyone here read the whole book? Or the whole series? Is it just that I've become a snob? I know I really need to finish reading it, but in the meantime your opinions would be greatly appreciated. Just, don't expect an answer until the morning: I can feel my brain switching off.

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