Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Release: Virtual Girls

Virtual Girls: The Erotic Gems of Evan Hollander by Evan Hollander
ISBN: 978-1-6139-0052-9
Word Count: 16,500
List Price: $4.99

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“Evan Hollander pokes a hole in the wall. On the other side are regular people getting it on in irregular ways. Virtual Girls is a provocative peep show.” – Amarantha Knight, author of The Darker Passions

“Evan Hollander gives you pulp sex with an SF slant. A virtual roll in the hay with Virtual Girls is T&A with G-force!” – Kyle Stone, author of The Citadel

This Circlet title from 1995 is now available in digital format for the first time. Virtual Girls collects the very best of Evan Hollander’s unbridled sexually fantastic fiction. By combining erotic writing with science fiction, Hollander creates unlimited possibilities for erotic fulfillment. His characters use time travel, zero gravity, voodoo, and virtual reality to achieve states of sexual bliss, for themselves and for the reader.

This collection contains the stories “Artistic License”, “Virtual Girl”, “Night Vision”, “Sex In Time”, and “The Zero Gee Spot”.

 Evan Hollander is a prolific Canadian writer who has published dozens of erotic short stories in a variety of mass-market men’s magazines and anthologies. His work has appeared in such publications as Gent, 40+, and Sugah, as well as in the Circlet Press anthologies TechnoSex: Cyber Age Erotica, Of Princes and Beauties, and Selling Venus. Virtual Girls is his first collection.

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