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Erotica Today: 17 July 2012

Erotica Today  
 For 17 July 2012  

New Releases

Warrior's Surrender by Marisa Chenery from Ellora's Cave
Indelibly Intimate by Regina Cole from Ellora's Cave  
Dessert by Lily Harlem from Ellora's Cave
Enchanting Absinthe by Shona Husk from Ellora's Cave  
Reluctant Romance: Guys and Girls by Various Authors via Erotica for All
Cranberry Blood by Elizabeth Morgan via Erotica for All
New from JMS Books LLC via GLBT Promo Blog
Forever Men by Lace Daltyn from Evernight Publishing
Oracles' Light (PUP Squad Alpha 8) by Abby Blake from Siren BookStrand  
Noble Release (Nature's Nobles 4) by Peyton Elizabeth from Siren BookStrand  
Shannon's Fairy-tale Foursome (Sweet Serenity 2) by Mia Ashlinn from Siren BookStrand
The Mates Who Gave Him Salvation (Feral 2) by Scarlet Hyacinth from Siren BookStrand  
Guardian's Faith (Guardians of the Gray Tower 4) by Britt Kenley from Siren BookStrand
A Taste of Paradise by Sage Marlowe from Siren BookStrand
Mia's Masters (Locks and Chains 2) by Sara Kingston from Siren BookStrand
The Lady Wants It All (Sequel to The Lady Dares) by Tish Domenick from Siren BookStrand  

Free Stories

"Caroline and Max" by Alexie Norte via OC Erotic Books
"On the Seventh Day" by Giselle Renard via Every Night Erotica
"For Love and Liberty, Part Two" by Olivia London via Every Night Erotica
"Micro Cars and Mini Skirts, Part One" by P.J. Rosier via Every Night Erotica  


From "An Enchanting Surprise" by Brian Collier via Pink Petal Books
From "Diving In" by Andra Ashe via Pink Petal Books

Web Comics

Starfighter: Chapter 3, Page 16
Progress in Research: Chapter Five, Page Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen via Erotic Mad Science  

News, Views, and Reviews

The Curious Kinky Person's Guide to Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapter 21 and Chapter 22 via The History of BDSM
Why Fifty Shades of Grey Matter via The Erotica Readers and Writers Association
Before Fifty Shades of Grey via Salon
Clit Lit: Mommy Porn Wars via Pool Boy Magazine
Outrage as Hotel Replaces Copies of the Bible with "Mummy Porn" Bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey via The Daily Mail, via Ruby Ryder's Pegging Paradise  
Fifty Shades of Grey Porn Parodies, Continued via Daze Reader
Woman Meets Fifty Shades Author, Loses Her Shit via Jezebel
Anne Rice On Women and Erotica: The Whole World Knows Women Are Sensual Beings As Well As Men via The Frisky
Review of Emery's Riches by Havan Fellows via Erotic Romance Reviews
Review of Goddess in the Middle by Stephanie Julian via Erotic Romance Reviews
Review of Goddess in the Middle by Stephanie Julian via Dark Divas Reviews
Review of Marry Me by Karen Stivali via Sensual Reads
Review of Bared to You by Sylvia Day via Book Lovers Inc.
Review of Lustfully Ever After edited by Kristina Wright via Pop My Cherry Review
Review of Red Monolith Frenzy by Justine G. via BDSM Book Reviews
Review of That Filthy Book by Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae via BDSM Book Reviews
Review of Power Play: Resistance by Cat Grant and Rachel Haimowitz via BDSM Book Reviews
Review of In the Middle by Sindra van Yssel via BDSM Book Reviews  

Calls for Submissions

Wanted: Reviewers Who Love to Read BDSM and Kink via BDSM Book Reviews

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