Thursday, September 11, 2014

Erotica Today: 11 September 2014

Erotica Today  
For 11 September 2014

New Releases

Between the Frescoes by Kay Berrisford from LooseId
Sex, Lies, and Joysticks by Lynn Chantale from LooseId
One Indulgence by Lydia Gastrell from LooseId
The Wildling by Treva Harte from LooseId
Timeless Desire by Lucy Felthouse via Erotica for All
Yes, Doctor by Darling Adams via Erotica for All
New from Torquere Press
The Society of Masters: Threshold by Lynn Kelling from Forbidden Fiction  
Sinful Desires by Kelly Yeakle from Evernight Publishing
Dark Rider by Elizabeth Monvey from Evernight Publishing  
Teacher's Pet by Melissa Hosack from Evernight Publishing  
Love in the Afternoon by Daisy Philips from Evernight Publishing
Bear Heart by Elyzabeth M. Valey from Evernight Publishing  
Texas Twang by Paige Warren from Evernight Publishing  

Free Stories

Excerpt from Capricious by Julie Cox via Nobilis Erotica
Entanglement: Familiar Curves and Something More Than You via Remittance Girl Erotic Fiction

Web Comics

Oglaf: Pretaliation
Gnosis Transformations: Chapter Two, Page Eight, Nine, and Ten via Erotic Mad Science
Metrobay's Pleasure Island via Erotic Mad Science

News, Views, and Reviews

Review of London Brown Volume 2 by Leila Desint via BDSM Book Reviews
Review of Giselle's Big Box of BDSM by Giselle Renarde via BDSM Book Reviews
Review of Through the Eyes of a Female Dominant by Andie Lea via BDSM Book Reviews
Review of The History & Arts of the Dominatrix by Anne O. Nomis via BDSM Book Reviews
Review of Keeping Sarah by Julie Shelton via BDSM Book Reviews
Review of November Rain by Daisy Harris via Dear Author
Review of Passionate Companion by Cat Blaine via Long and Short Reviews
Review of Bloodstone by Helen C. Johannes via Long and Short Reviews

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