Monday, August 29, 2016

Erotica Today: 29 August 2016

Erotica Today
For 29 August 2016

New Releases

The Circlet Press Shapeshifter Erotica Bundle from Circlet Press
Chicks Dig the Accent by Roxanne D. Howard from Loose Id
Rough Cut by Caitlyn Willows from Loose Id
Heat Wave by Lena Matthews from Loose Id
Born of Magic by Missy Jane from Samhain Publishing
Inherent Cost by Alicia Camerson from Forbidden Fiction
The House of Fox by S.J. Smith from Sinful Press
Passion’s Last Promise (Club Aegis #4) by Christie Adams from Sinful Press
First Times edited by Elizabeth Coldwell from Xcite Books
Addicted to the Mistress by Alex Jordaine from Xcite Books
Over Her Head by Will Versuch from Pink Flamingo Publications
Mistress of the Mortal Realm, Book One by Paul Blades from Pink Flamingo Publications
The Turkish Affair by J. Arlene Culiner from Crimson Romance
What the Gambler Risks by Kristina Knight from Crimson Romance

Free Stories

"Hibernation" by Jean Roberta via Circlet Press


From One Saved to the Sea by Catt Kingsgrave via Circlet Press

News, Views, and Reviews

Fantastic Erotica is On Sale for 99¢ at Circlet Press
Live Audio from Circlet Press's Writers Retreat
Location, Location, Location via Erotica Readers and Writers Association
Sex Post-Menopause via Erotica Readers and Writers Association
The Final Word via Sinful Press

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