Monday, January 23, 2017

Erotica Today: 23 January 2017

Erotica Today
For 23 January 2017

New Releases

Couples Therapy by Ryver James from The Wild Rose Press
Reign Over Me by Gwendolyn Casey from Evernight Publishing
The Hitman's Obsession by Winter Sloane from Evernight Publishing
Pulse by Shady Grace via Erotica for All
Beastly Welcome by Lilly Wildere from Excite Spice
My Sexy Vampire Girlfriend by Aya Ocean from Excite Spice
Ambassador's Bride by C.J. Scarlette from Excite Spice
Pool Boy by Arabella Keppler from Excite Spice
Dominating the Lady's Rear by Steel Star from Excite Spice
Double Cocked by Abbey Caine from Excite Spice

Free Stories

"Darla" via NovelTrove
"Carrie in the Sun" via NovelTrove
Will & Terri via NovelTrove


From The Ontological Engine by Vinnie Tesla via Circlet Press

Web Comics

Oglaf: The Conjecturing
Ménage à 3: Wrestlers and Vampires and Did You Miss Momma
Visiting Faculty: Chapter Nine, Page Ten, Eleven, and Twelve via Erotic Mad Science


Capricious 56 via Nobilis Erotica

News, Views, and Reviews

Erotic Lure: Winter 2017 via The Erotica Readers and Writers Association
First Edition via The Erotica Readers and Writers Association
Censorship, Kink, and the New "Normal" via Forbidden Fiction
Writing Victorian Erotica via Forbidden Fiction
Review of The Poison Chalice by Helena Maeve via Erotica for All
Review of Learning to Breathe by Roxy Harte via Long and Short Reviews

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