Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Erotica Today: 28 June 2017

Erotica Today
For 28 June 2017

New Releases

Seventh Heaven by Mary Abshire from Evernight Publishing
Sex in a Taxi by CJ Edwards from Excite Spice
Double Crossed: Stolen by Sabrina Howl from Excite Spice
London City Drive by Delores Swallows from Excite Spice
Bloodreign 1: Kingdom of Fire by Marishka Grayson from Excite Spice
In the End Zone by Van Cole from Excite Spice
Forbidden Lure by Miles Camp from Excite Spice

Free Stories

Capricious: Chapter 36 via Circlet Press


From Sexual Integrity by J.A. Dennam via Lady Smut

Web Comics

Ménage à 3: Brave for Ten Seconds
The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter Three, Page Twenty via Erotic Mad Science

Calls for Submissions

Golden Age Erotica via Circlet Press
Triskaidekaphilia 3: Transformed via Pen and Kink Publishing

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