Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meet the Authors: Sense and Sensuality

It's that time again! Please welcome the five contributing authors to Sense and Sensuality Circlet Press's upcoming erotic romance anthology.

Jack Dickson, author of "Lord Rigby's Scandalous Secret"

On the cusp of puberty, novelist and screenwriter Jack Dickson discovered the work of Jane Austen and the films of Lon Chaney Jr and decided he wanted to be (a) a writer and (b) a werewolf. Thus began a fascination with social manners, barbed dialogue and the beast within which continues to this day. Despite the eternal struggle with his true nature, Jack lives an apparently normal life with his partner and his Jack Russell terrier in Scotland, where he's managed to find gainful employment in the TV and film industries. Just don't ask him to work full moons. Or Saturdays.

MeiLin Miranda, author of "The Amber Cross"

MeiLin Miranda writes the fantasy novel series An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom and the online serial "Scryer's Gulch: Magic in the Wild, Wild West." She is on Ravelry as MeiLin; she knits and spins and occasionally must be cut loose from the resulting cocoon-like tangle. She has fatal addictions to BPAL perfume and fountain pen ink. This is her second Circlet Press anthology; her story "Fears Moon Woman" appears in Like a Moonrise: Shapeshifter Erotica. MeiLin lives in Portland, OR with her family and cannot stop writing despite their pathetic begging. Her website is: http://www.meilinmiranda.com/

Elizabeth Reeve, author of "A Woman of Uncommon Accomplishment"

Elizabeth Reeve lives in the Sonoran Desert with her husband, a pair of standard-issue writers’ cats, an extremely belligerent parakeet, and a backyard full of wild-growing nightshade. She re-reads all of Austen's books regularly, and will watch any adaptation--even the really bad ones--at least once. Usually more than once. Okay, always more than once. You can find her online at http://elizabethreeve.com

Kaysee Renee Robichaud, author of "The Lamia's Proposal"

Kaysee Renee Robichaud lives and writes in south Texas. She has a weakness for ambitious asses as story protagonists, and wonders why more material hasn't appeared starring George Wickham. Rumors are as yet unconfirmed that she is working on a novel about this peculiar character choice, hoping that someone else out there is as perversely interested in him as she is. Her fiction has appeared in Like a Wisp of Steam, Like a Queen, Only in the City, and Like a Cunning Plan (from Circlet), Indecent Proposals and Cougars on the Prowl (from Xcite), Beach Boys (from Ravenous Romance), A Fistful of Hollers (Cyberwizard Books), and the Lambda Award finalist Women of the Bite (Alyson Books).

Jay Starre, author of "The Page of Wands"

Residing on English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jay Starre has pumped out steamy gay fiction for dozens of anthologies and written two gay erotic novels. You can reach him on Facebook any time or email him at writer.brentley@gmail.com.

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