Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Detour to a Dead End

Today I'm working on a story by Robert Decota, called "Detour to a Dead End." The story was contracted for Etopia Press, and the poor guy drew me from the editing pool. :-)

It's a story told in shades of gray. The main character is not-quite-likeable, but sympathetic; his situation is easily avoidable, but familiar; and the resolution is not all that happy, but realistic. When I first read it I considered it simplistic, a basic telling of a basic story. However, it's been following me wherever I go for a couple of weeks now. It has a bleakness and unexpected warmth that linger, and while I initially thought it simple because nothing grandiose happens, the events in the story actually represent a sea-change for the main character. It's not showy, but it resonates. I'm glad I had the chance to read it, and encourage anyone who's looking for a different take on life and lust and love to read it too.

I think it's up for a June release with Etopia. I'll be tweeting about it when it goes live.

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